Motel "Babino Brdo"

In the Ethno restaurant, in its very pleasant and relaxing, romantic ambience, which gives him the decoration in the Ethno manner, in the afternoon hours you will be able to enjoy the flavors of favorite traditional dishes.

The Ethno restaurant that can accommodate up to 100 people, offers the organization all of your celebrations of important dates and events, Jubilees and celebrations, as well as an outdoor terrace with 100 seats for the celebration.

You can expect a very rich offer and a choice of dishes, which will be prepared very carefully and according to the traditional recipes with the skilled hands of the master of the kitchen of this restaurant, Mr. Dragan Šljivić, also known as the best chef in the region.

Motel with a tradition for over 50 years!

Perfect place for your holiday

Adjacent to the ethnic restaurant located is Motel "Babino Brdo" that offers the possibility of accommodation in a cozy and relaxing ethnic ambience with a beautiful view of the town of Derventa. The motel provides a true experience of rest, relaxation, complete privacy, comfort and convenience... Relax in our comfortable apartments and rooms that are an ideal choice both for business guests as well as for tourists and for a romantic evening. An enviable position of the motel with the natural environment provides you with a beautiful view on the soothing nature, and within the complex, there is a promenade in the natural setting of pine forest and meadow, which is ideal for recreational walks.

Make sure to drop by and afford yourself a real gourmet atmosphere in the traditional Ethno style, where you will find numerous surprises.


Dishes from our kitchen
There are our worthy chefs who, under the guidance of top chef and food expert, Mr. Dragan Šljivić, preparing the most complex and the most prestigious dishes in our restaurant.

In our kitchen, we prepare local and international specialties: cold and hot appetizers, salads, Bisk, main dishes of local and international cuisine, food of meat, vegetables and fish.

After a delicious lunch, the friendly staff will offer you a glass of superior wine and a tasty treat. It will be our pleasure, that you will be our guests!

Do you want to at least for a moment to go into nature and enjoy the clean air, good food and having fun with loved ones? The perfect place for this is Motel "Babino Brdo", which is tucked up in the pine forest and where you can enjoy walking in the nature, greenery, clean air, beautiful views of the city, good food, good wine, and what is most important to you, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you come for a morning coffee or an afternoon lunch, Motel "Babino Brdo" offers you everything you want… Inspired by nature and everyday enjoyment, we offer everything to relax in our pleasant atmosphere!
For a moment, forget about everyday obligations and in silence, surrounded by greenery, enjoy and relax with a coffee and dessert.

Our Staff

Our friendly staff will provide you with superior service and make your stay in our Motel pleasant.


The most beautiful view of the town of Derventa from "Babino Brdo"! This is a great place for relaxing and enjoying the peace, both because of nature and the environment, but also because of the views of the city.


Our Location

Motel Babino Brdo
Address: Svetog Save Derventa

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Reservation by mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: +387/053/331-038
In a case of cancellation reservation we do not make a money refund.